Purpose from two perspectives. When I invited these two to join me on my relaunch of women+words I allowed time for them to reflect and submit when they were ready. It was a divine moment when both of them shared their story with me and emailed me at the SAME time with the SAME WORD. What opened my eyes was that every word that God speaks can be the same but the meaning, details, and story behind it are different and truly beautiful.


Hi there, my name is Debbie.  A little bit about me- I grew up in sunny San Diego (and yes I love the beach haha).  I’m a creative soul. I love hand lettering, painting, crafts, music and simply creating. I’ve been living in the Bay area now for 11 years and absolutely love it up here!  People tend to ask me”WHY did you move away from beautiful San Diego?” And I usually tell them, because I love the people up here, being so close by majestic nature & the community is awesome. Which are all very true, but if I were to take a step back, I would say I moved up here because God called me to the Bay area for a greater reason :).


So I’ve been praying for weeks for God to lead me to what he wanted me to share here and to be honest, I’ve been so nervous about it up to this point.  But I’m so excited to share what the Holy Spirit has put on my heart and I have faith He is going to use it to speak to someone :).

The spoken word that God has been showing me recently in my life and really my whole life, is PURPOSE. If I were completely honest with you, for most of my life, I made my purpose to follow the typical American dream- go to college, get that degree, the good paying job, get married & have kids. Growing up in a dysfunctional family environment, the American dream seemed like my ticket to happiness and finally having the life I wanted.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about wanting any of those things, but here is where I was hurting myself & setting myself up for great disappointment. I placed my value, my worth, my identity, on whether or not I attained them.

I grew up in church & was taught my purpose was supposed to be for God and that my worth came solely from him.  My heart didn’t believe it, simply because I didn’t trust God. While life was tough battling feelings of loneliness, fear, and pride, I thought I knew best and decided to take control into my own hands to get freedom and happiness, but God wanted to rescue me from this misperception more than I realized.


This past year, God has been lovingly humbling me of my pride and also healing me of some deep wounds that were perpetuating the fear. At the same time, bringing so much joy, love and friendship into my life through unexpected community.  And it was through all of this, God awakened me to a simple, yet powerful invitation- to surrender my purpose for His.

The purpose of my life isn’t to live for the job, the future marriage & the kids. At least, it doesn’t have to be.  My purpose is to live for him; to become more like Jesus. To love like him, to be loved by him & to serve others, just as he did.  Now I know that all sounds like a very Christian cliché thing to say, but I am telling you, this truth has taken a new hold on my life.  Life is so short my friends, it really is. We are here today and can be gone in a blink of an eye. And I don’t want to miss out on all that God has for me and I am sure he doesn’t want that for me either.

As Jon Foreman sings in his song “Live It Well”, “Life is short,  I want to live it well”. Living it well, means living it for him.  Surrendering & trusting God is going to be a day-by-day decision. It’ll definitely be a process,  but one that I want to allow it’s full work in me. I’m so done doing things my way. I don’t want to live for my limited purposes, I want to live for His.  And I’m pretty sure, it’s 1,000 times bigger, better and richer than what I can ever dream up.

A dear friend once told me years ago, “Debbie, you were made for so much more”. Those words never rang more true.  May my story and the truth He has spoken into my life, speak into yours :)



What does WOMEN+WORDS mean to you?  


I have such a heart for women’s ministry and I value the power of affirmation.  I absolutely admire Cherelle’s ministry to inspire, empower and encourage women with the powerful testimonies of others.

Our book of Proverbs is the power of WISDOM. What wisdom would you love to share?

God has a purpose for your life and if you let him, he’ll show you.

In the Bible, who or what book inspires you?

Lately, I’ve been inspired by King David and the book of Psalms.  To put it so blatantly, here you have a messed up human, who despite going through the motions of fear, anxiety, depression, anger, and loneliness- in the end, knows that God was and will always be the answer to everything. I’m also thankful, God has this book in the bible, it really demonstrates he doesn’t want perfection, he wants us.

Favorite Scripture at the moment:

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”

-Ecclesiastes 3:11


Sit in a place of silence, listen to one of Debbie's favorite songs right now and reflect on her story, word, and let the Holy Spirit speak into your soul. 

I’ve been getting back into listening to Jon Foreman & also his band Switchfoot, so GOOD. Some of my fav songs of theirs right now are, “Love Alone Is Worth The Fight”, ”I Won’t Let You Go” & “The Day I Found God”.  I absolutely love and admire their heart and drive behind their music.




Debbie the founder and designer of Bee Mine Studio. She specializes in hand lettering, watercolor, stationery, and illustration. She utilizes her gift of penmanship to create beautiful signs and encouraging reminders.