My name is Gabriela. I am a Puerto Rican journalist and attorney, with a specialty in international human rights law, who lives in NYC. I am in love and so grateful for the man God has brought into my life. I love languages, and I speak three languages fluently. I love philosophy and apologetics, flowers, bunnies, sunshine, and books. I blog regularly on the Expect Miracles blog. I love storytelling. I believe everyone has a story to tell. I started Modern Witnesses to tell the stories of young women of faith who hustle. (The founder of Crea+Elle was one of our awesome witnesses!). I have endometriosis, and I am vocal about it because I want to raise awareness. One of my favorite quotes that I live by, says: “They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds.” Mexican Proverb.

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It’s me. You know exactly who. We’ve been through the craziest things together. When I was young, I would talk to you and sing about you while washing the dishes, propped up on my little chair, while watching the bubbles do their dance in the sunlight from the window. You were the comfort I felt, when I felt like the odd one out at school or at church. When my self-esteem was low, You reminded me that You did not make mistakes.

When my parents divorced and my world was falling apart, You were the One who heard me praying for my mom and my little brothers. You watched me carefully, and I knew You were listening because You never let me down. You were the one who helped my mom find a job. You were the one who made it so that when we were left without a home, church friends let us stay in their homeschooling room. You took care of my mom when she was sick. And You saw me and my mom when we didn’t have the comforts most take for granted, swapping our outfits and cleaning up in public bathrooms. You gave us joy, in the midst of everything.

You were the one who got me into that awesome high school. You not only got me in, but you let me finish at the top of my class with a scholarship. You were the one who gifted me that internship with the French government. You guided me through my college years, allowing me to meet the most dynamic and passionate people, allowing me to soak in inspiration like the hot Florida sun.

You gave me healing and forgiveness in my heart for my father. You took me to a law school beyond my wildest dreams. You closed doors to dreams that were too small for me because You had something greater in mind. You gave me the opportunity to work with a professor I wanted as a mentor, allowing me that privilege just before she passed away, even though second year law students were typically not permitted in that program. You gave me grace in the eyes of my employer. You made it so I kept my job, when I failed the bar exam, so I could study and work at the same time. You gave me the strength to keep going until I got my license. It was because of you that I kept my job, my NYC apartment and my dream. When I was sworn in as an attorney, part of that oath was an oath to You, that I would honor you in all that I did with my career.

When I was tested for cancer, You were there when I was crying of relief in the changing room when I got my negative results. You reassured me You would be there even in the days when things didn’t go as well. You were there when I was diagnosed with endo, and You gave me the courage to try to manage things holistically, and I refused the surgery. You were there when I fell in love with the most amazing man. That man supported me through so many changes and difficult moments. You placed an angel in my path.

You were always there. Everything I am and everything I have is because You were there. I believe in miracles because so much of my life is a miracle.

You are here, as I keep growing in strength and compassion, as I keep healing and as I keep walking toward the future. You are my strength and my Redeemer.

You are eternally faithful. In my joy, anger, despair and exhaustion, You were there. I was always shielded by your mighty hand. You have always provided; and You never fail. It is because of this that I will never grow tired of saying, WORTHY IS THE LAMB. GREAT IS YOUR FAITHFULNESS. You keep your promises, and You never turn your back on Your children.

I can’t wait to see what else you have in store. Regardless of what it is, I know I am safe in Your hands.

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What does WOMEN+WORDS mean to you?

I love being able to read the stories of amazing, valiant and resilient women. It’s always such an inspiration to hear someone else’s testimony. God is alive and acting on our behalf continuously. He continues to heal, resurrect and open seas.

Our book of Proverbs is the power of WISDOM. What wisdom would you love to share?

“Whoever gives an honest answer kisses the lips.”

Proverbs 24: 26

I think it’s so important to be honest, with kindness and love-- but honesty is so important. I think so much today is built on illusions, appearances and fear of conflict. Honesty doesn’t always offer conflict, contrary to what most believe, but it often offers the opportunity for growth. I think that scares people, though. I like things to be genuine and real. If they aren’t, then I think you’ve got nothing.

In the Bible, who or what book inspires you? 

I love Paul. He always had a genuine heart, even in his error. But that is what made the difference. When he had the humility to see his error, he used the same passion and intellect to serve Jesus.

Favorite Scripture at the moment:

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God to salvation to everyone that believes; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.”

Romans 1:16

This scripture to me is everything. It’s an affirmation. I think we should all wake up every day, and say and live out this text, “I am not ashamed.”

A time of worship, listen to Gabriela's favorite artist.

I am a big fan of Lauren Daigle, all her music always touches my heart.

 Hand lettering created by CREA+ELLE via Ipad Pro, ProCreate

 Hand lettering created by CREA+ELLE via Ipad Pro, ProCreate




Gabriela is the founder & creator behind Modern Witnesses, it's a place that represents the modern Christian women. If you want to be featured on her blog, connect with her by clicking above.