Photo by: Joyce Chang

Dear You,

Thank you for wanting to know more about what CREA+ELLE means. My name is Cherelle Marie. I am a woman of God + Wife + Mom. My wonderful husband, Brian or “Mr. B-Po” and I created two beautiful human beings, name Landon Isaiah + Bailey Maeva.

You stumble on this page for a reason and that’s because you probably were wondering what CREA+ELLE stands for. It’s a combination of (crea)te + Cher(elle), that's my name, if you didn't catch that...hah. The + is my foundation, my faith, that was rediscovered on July 2016. I am the founder, writer, and your creative #wifey + #girlboss + #mompreneur behind all of this. CREA+ELLE started as an event + decor business. I had the title of an event planner + decorator for small parties to weddings. I was able to utilize most of the things that I learned in college within my small business of graphic + fashion + interior. But I felt something was missing. I went through a moment in my life where I was in tears calling out, "God I need you". I was working life on my own and realizing, He was not a priority in our household. I struggled with finding that true foundation within my own little family, because I was so worried about what others thought. It was when, my husband and I found our home church and where my faith grew tremendously to something I had never experienced. For so long I knew of God, but I didn't know Him. Until I discovered that "knowing God" was something deeper, it was something more, it was a connection and relationship with Him. 

My faith was re-established. My faith was renewed. I was baptized as a baby, but I made the decision to declare my faith publicly at Echo.Church when I was 27 years old. That is where God spoke a purpose greater than what CREA+ELLE started to be.

CREA+ELLE became more than just creating beautiful décor for event + weddings. It became a calling, a purpose greater than my own. My purpose is to creatively use my gifts from God, and utilize what He has placed in my hands, to glorify His name. I live a mission of creativity designed just for God, to create + connect + inspire.

I create projects using my gifts from God to create Open Mics + Vision Board Workshops + Hand lettering Workshops + #52SpokenWords + #13YouAre.

I love to collaborate with kingdom minded individuals, while we us our gifts together to create beautiful projects.

I suffered through post partum after Landon's birth. I lost that connection with people. I felt I was not being useful to my family. Although, I had such a blessed life, my mind felt empty, I knew I was missing something. When my faith started to grow more to know God, He spoke the word connection to me. I started projects to regain a connection in myself, in my family and a connection with Him. When I started sharing my story; I had no idea where He was leading me, but He lead me to women who wanted to connect with me. It was when I met with these women and would talk for hours about our stories of struggle, challenge, and blessings. It showed me that when we are vulnerable to share our stories, there is this value of connection.  A connection + insight that allows us to open our eyes to the world around us and seek the beauty in people's lives, no matter their background. It's also a reminder, that life is never done alone. I create connections through a #spokenmovement called WOMEN+WORDS, an online blog magazine, sharing real stories from real women of faith to showcase how God can manifest their lives through that one spoken word.

I also create connections through the power of prayer, for myself and meeting biweekly with a group of women, my sisterhood, to gain more wisdom + love + healing + hope.  

I create to inspire change, to do what I was called and hope to inspire you to do the same. To influence you to discover your gifts and utilize it for a purpose greater than your own, but for God. I am inspired to continue this walk of faith and to grow as an individual through every detail God has planned for me.

As you continue to read, I end this with a prayer that I hope will unleash the light inside of you. 

Oh Heavenly Father, I uplift this person to you. May you wrap your arms around them and allow them to feel your presence. May their light from inside illuminate out and reflect on these requests I had set for them. I pray that you can gain a new perspective on life. I pray that your eyes become clearer to see Him, your ears open to listen to Him, and your heart opens up to His vision + love for you. I pray that what is being done, influences you to walk in faith to create your own projects, to create connections to find your community, and to create inspiration not only for yourself, but for others and most especially for our Father God. Thank you God for what you and most especially the you that is reading this. Thank you God for using me and as I continue to pray, may the Lord allow you to discover what you are meant to do. May our father God instill wisdom upon your life in the every struggle, every challenge and every blessing that will come your way. I pray you can be the change. I pray that you can create to make a difference and to continue to do so in God’s glory.

You are meant for purpose. You are meant for love. You are meant for everything that He has placed in you. 

In Jesus Name we pray, Amen.  


God Bless,