*The struggle of potty training the past year. Tried it again and Landon potty trained in 3 days! The constant love he continues to show us by a random kiss or a “I love you so much” to him praying on his own.

*Just looking at my kids and feeling how proud and blessed I am to be their mother.

*Bailey’s excitement to see her brother wake up from a nap and the joy of playing with him. The love of this sibling bond creates so much joy inside of me.

*The connection I made with my mentees and hearing more of their story and getting to know them.

*Reflecting on how living day to day is always a different day.

*The simple love from our church with a “dream team” party to show their thanks in the amount of work people put into working for God at South Bay Church.

*Meeting a leader that inspired me so much, he opened my eyes to new opportunities.

*Talk with a friend, catching up on her life and the toxic environment she’s in. As she is trying to find something better to help support her family and be in a more positive environment.

*A simple act of kindness.

*A collaboration work to help support others passion + goals.

*Brians surprise love letter he wrote me and had it place on our car window before leaving for work.

I was so focused on figuring out a word to apply to my week but it didn’t come to me, so I let my days go by and just waited for the right time for God to speak to me. When I made a list of the things that happened in my week (above), I began to realize the many details God plans to reveal our blessings and struggles.

We sometimes think our days go by fast or they may go by slow, but when we think about how our life is ran, we go through many many things. It doesn’t matter the routine schedule you live by, because something new happens when we begin to open our eyes. Looking through my planner I wrote  “Eyes up, hands open”,  which was shared at service last Sunday by my Pastor Filipe Santos. It was something that stood out to me but a part of me was like, what exactly is this feeling? It was written in my planner and I had NO idea it was going to be a connection to my word until right this second, writing this very sentence. 

Using this personal project has allowed me to reflect weekly and most especially with this word that ties to this particular story... 

Every day when my husband comes home from work he slowly opens the door, because he knows both kids are up making an entire mess in our home. They stop what they do and run to him with so much excitement; just to give him a hug and kiss. It’s one the most adorable things to watch. Then he greets me with a sweet kiss and I start it by “How was your day? Anything new that happened?” He would get ready in his comfy clothes and we would sit and talk or walk and talk (since sitting in our home isn’t ideal with two toddlers). Before that night he read a book on grieving (given by our amazing Pastor David Hibiske). He shared with me that, “When you lose a parent, you lose your past. When you lose your spouse, you lose your present. When you lose your child, you lose your future.” It brought out a whole new meaning that with these main losses in your life, you lose a part of who you are. Especially your parent, that is your childhood. He has been frustrated, angry, sad, happy, and/or in complete thinking mode of his past with his dad. With these ride of emotions I tend to worry; but I know it’s still new and this is something he has to overcome with time with my full love and support. We like to feed ourselves spiritually with God’s word through devotions and lately it’s allowed him to get through the day. One of the books he mainly reads, is what his dad read in prison. It's what changed him to find God; and now it’s like seeing the Holy Spirit heal him of his pain and emotions through this time. That night he went to bed early and woke up to a dream about his dad. While getting ready for work, he didn’t have time to make his lunch. He then decided to visit the cafeteria during lunch time at the elementary school he works for. He continued his story by sharing a discussion he had with his coworker, who is the chef of the school. It lead to their faith and how she attended that same church we go to! They talked the entire time and it made him feel completely happy and realize God works in his divine ways by these certain details in our lives.

Later, his sister came to visit and shared her story how she was at work and met this patient. They began to have a conversation and the woman just randomly asked her, “Do you believe in God? There is a part of me saying that I need to pray, can I pray with you?” So they did. Her explaining her story she was in complete shock and happiness wondering “why would someone do that? Just show this act of kindness?” And I am in smiles and tell her, “I know why.. It’s God and Dad speaking to you.” It obviously gave me goosebumps because the stories I heard that day from my husband’s dream, to the cafeteria lady to my sister in law was all a connection. I've learned this week to enjoy these details of my children, my husband, my connections with people and the fact that life will be life. Our days will pass but when we recognize the details we begin to feel content with ourselves. It's also a daily reminder that a small detail to others, can be a bigger detail when we open our hands and keep our eyes up to Him.


Now, reflect on your details of your past week. Was there a connection? Did something out of the ordinary happen that just put a smile on your face? List it all and look back, you will then understand the meaning behind this very post. 





Book Referrals:

Good Grief by Granger E. Westberg forward by Dr. Timothy Johnson, M.D.


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