This ends the project of 52 spoken words and this last word wasn't coincidence. You see, I have been trying to think of that last word when the weeks were coming to an end. It came to my realization, it's not about my words, it's about Gods and what I am doing with it. This project was started from Him, the first time I would say was a clear message from Him. Then I did it out of "because He said" to doing it strictly for Him. For the obsession of allowing Him to speak through me in every possible way of my life. Through this journey, my eyes have witnessed His unexplained power. Not only has He reflected words for myself, but the words of other women. It became about God manifesting the lives of others through words, but using me to show that. 

When I allowed Him speak to me in every process, everything became more clear. My life had more meaning and my eyes opened to the impossible that He made possible. The timeline below doesn't show everything that God has done, but what it shows is that although we enter a new year with that one word, God can speak to us in many words. It's allowing the time to take it in, reflect on it and recognize it. I am so sad to end this project, but so blessed in ways that I can't even explain. Before this project it was about me and what I wanted to do and how I was going to get there. It took a lot of turning my volume down, to turning Gods up. It took struggles in my life to reflect on what I was missing. It took people He had place for me to value relationships. It took big steps of trust, in allowing Him to work. As I start the new year, I will continue to dedicate myself to listening to God. All I ask for Him is to speak and speak. So Lord, please speak. Speak to me in ways I know it's you. Speak to me through everything I do. Speak to me in every word I share, because without you, I am nothing.

Speak Lord, because I am fully listening. 

creaelle timeline.jpg

Thank you to all my readers who followed on this journey with me. It's not easy following weekly on something, but with your dedication, with your will to learn about my story with God, is truly a blessing. I pray you continue to seek God in your own journey and pray that you plant seeds in others while echoing His love throughout the world. 


"Speak Lord" by Hosanna Poetry