31. WORTHY | with Alice Marie


The spoken words of 13 different women I have connected with and the story of their spoken word from God.

These stories are to showcase the power of faith and how God whispered to them and they listened wholeheartedly in His plan.


I met Alice through Elayne. When we first met we quickly hit it off. Alice was one of my clients and was my last wedding that I help decorate of October 2016. She was actually my first Bride that I connected so well with, that we started this friendship of faith. She is a strong woman of God and loves her family so much. She is also carrying her first born child, so I got to share with her some motherly experiences through my story. Upon our relationship, what we realized was that we are so alike! Although years younger than I am, this woman here holds so much wisdom and love. And sometimes it takes from a struggling point in our lives to see the real worth of God.

Does my life have value?

I struggled with worth for awhile in my life and I left it alone, because my heart became harden towards GOD thinking that maybe He doesn’t really care about me and the life I live is just pointless.

In the year 2015 i began to have a pity party mindset where i blamed all my life problems on my creator, farther GOD. Every day I felt my thinking shift into questions and worry all of the sudden. I developed anxiety in my life due to the amount of fear i allowed to take over my whole body, mind, soul and spirit. My faith was tested and my JOY turned into sorrows. I stopped dreaming about my future ahead and i focused on the question WHY?? I found myself questioning God about life and his purpose behind mankind; why did God create us? what was the purpose?? Am I good enough?? Do I have the qualities? Am i talented?? Am I WORTHY?? In this season i even asked myself why am i asking so many odd questions at 22 years of age? I never once would’ve questioned the lord on behalf of his creation as a child because I knew the answer. My heart knew the answer; but my mind was fighting the truth. The truth is He calls me his daughter who is crowned with authority and clothed in pure beauty. I chose to partner with his truth and believe that his words are sweet and forever true. My identity needed to be found in Him and not my fleshly desires and wicked ways that this world offers. The Lord began to grow me into maturity and it was coming to my understanding again that He always sees me as His royal daughter. I no longer have to live a life of a pauper but thrive into my fathers kingdom with a crown on my head.

When Jesus died for the world he looked at YOU and thought my beloved baby girl you’re so very precious to me that i choose to lay down my life so you can live abundantly with heavens access. Worth doesn’t come from our careers, possessions, education, talents. We don’t have to fight for it! its in our DNA. Jesus is WORTHY! He makes us worthy. At the cross all shame, guilt, death, depression, anxiety died when Jesus went to the cross; he said IT IS FINISHED! I can live freely because my future is set for a greater purpose not for my own desires and excitement but to please the one who calls me WORTHY. In the story of David he is fighting against a giant named Goliath young David is so confident but wait where does his confidence come from? He began to glorify the lord while he was in battle declaring his fathers power. He conquered the giant because he was worthy enough; God can take an ordinary man and make him extraordinary. My life is no longer the same because I am WORTHY enough to overcome every battle that life throws at me. My fears have perished and I can rejoice knowing that i have a Father who sees me perfect and loves me on my worse days. Life is about finding our identity in Christ Jesus and living in out loud as sons and daughters who are enough!  

We are created to be atmosphere shifters !!!!!

When Jesus died for the world he looked at YOU and thought my beloved baby girl you are so very precious to me that i choose to lay down my life so that i can give you YOURS.


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