33. PATIENCE | with Carrie Bender


The spoken words of 13 different women I have connected with and the story of their spoken word from God.

These stories are to showcase the power of faith and how God whispered to them and they listened wholeheartedly in His plan.

Carrie, was my Life Group leader for her calligraphy workshop & my first friend at South Bay Church. When I started this new journey of rekindling my faith with God and recognizing this amazing relationship with Him, I was so drawn to the Life Groups they shared. It was something I never heard of. This smaller community of where we can find things we are interested about, and have that foundation of faith and friendship, was motivating in my life at the time. I was already learning how to do calligraphy myself watching You Tube and Instagram religiously. (lol). That is how I came across Carrie on Instagram. I was so inspired by her page and was so curious to know how to letter myself, that I started to follow her. Then about a month into South Bay, she announced she was leading that group, I was so excited to find out that 1) we went to the same church 2) I was secretly a fan already. We met and quickly hit it off and developed this real friendship. She is so kind, sweet, and a true woman of God. She utilized her talents and story to share Gods gift for her with others like myself. That is where I was so determined to learn, I fell in love with Lettering. She opened my eyes to this new thing, that I truly enjoyed and something I can creatively do to inspire others. That is where I started this blog, lead my first workshop and now on my own journey through lettering and calligraphy. It was her who planted this seed in me, to continue teaching our gifts given from God to others in a creative way. Her work is SO amazing, and I still try to letter like her. (Hah!)  Here is her short story of her word, Patience. 

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Patience is a word I have been wrestling with far before I even knew God. I've always been a do-it-myself type of girl where if I needed something done, I only counted on myself and I didn't have the patience to wait for others to do it for me. Stubborn little personality I had, I know. 

When I met my husband 9 years ago, he absolutely changed my perspective—separating my earthly views and the life we live for God. He opened the doors to let The Lord speak wisdom and patience into my heart and into everything that I do. Patience with myself, patience with others, patience with God and His good timing. Believe me, I am nowhere near the perfection of Jesus, but I take it day by day, meditating on His word and the love of Our Father who embraces us, and to trust that His perfect timing is worth waiting for.



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