26. FEAR | with HollyJane


The spoken words of 13 different women I have connected with and the story of their spoken word from God.

These stories are to showcase the power of faith and how God whispered to them and they listened wholeheartedly in His plan.


I met Holly at the time that I was starting my wedding business. She was my first bride and wedding. Holly and I also had mutual friends through my husband. Upon meeting her, she had this sense of style, very creative and a genuine kind heart. She was all things creative and we were quite similar in taste, but to me she had more of a unique retro style. What stood out to me is her love for her husband, family, creativity, and her faith in God. She created a poem to share her spoken word on fear. 

My upbringing was void of lessons on faith and looking back on it now, it was focused on fear.  Not the type of fear that you have of God, but fear in man and fear of failure.  My father taught us to be afraid of him and the consequences that resulted if we didn’t listen to him.  As I got older and after I was saved, I began to learn that FEAR can be replaced with FAITH and that fear is never something a child should learn.



To teach a child to fear is to arm them with tools to become defeated,

To limit creativity,

To be worrisome and anxious

To be too afraid to try.


Fear replaces grace with worry,

It hardens the heart to opportunities.

Fear overtakes the idle mind,

A devil’s playground.


Fear is a threat to growth,

Distress gone viral throughout your body.

It’s the act of distress

That creates a mess.


Be mindful when teaching your kids the values and principles of being fearless.  Instill the thought that God is in control and there is nothing to fear.  God provides and strengthens despite what we see, replace your fear with FAITH.