22. TRUST | with Naseem


The spoken words of 13 different women I have connected with and the story of their spoken word from God.

These stories are to showcase the power of faith and how God whispered to them and they listened wholeheartedly in His plan. 


Please meet, Naseem Khalili, a woman who I connected through Rising Tide Society. I was drawn to her bio on Instagram that mentioned a verse on Hebrews. I told myself I had to meet her. Upon our meeting, she shared this special story and it opened to my eyes how her spoken word Trust,  was truly her own. I shared trust in one of my words and it made me realize that this is exactly why, I am doing this series. That no matter the same words one shares, there is always a different story tied to that word. This is her own testimony of faith where trust was all she had in her time of life.

When I was 23 I decided to try out the start up world--- it was in the height of its heyday with ton of amazingly intriguing ideas and companies all on the horizon, I wanted to jump right in.

I became completely invested in my job and if anyone out there has worked for a start up you know what that means. Late nights at the office, answering emails at any given hour, and becoming almost closer than family with your co-workers. We were all so invested in the mission and vision of the company that it felt like our baby that we wanted to see succeed. At this point I felt like I had made it. I felt respected by my peers and started caring about topics I never really thought twice about; like data, engineering, and metrics. The ingredients that make a start-up succeed.

Flash forward to the end of 2015, a year ago exactly, and our company went through a transition that many start-ups go through. An acquisition. A messy one to say the least. Overnight, our roles were dissolved and everything shifted. My world turned upside down. It made me realize how much of my identity I had placed in my job. Here I was at 26 and in a state of shock, confusion, and dismay as to what my next move would be. Cue some soul searching, travel across the globe, and a ton of journaling. I was at a crossroads. I felt this desire to simply try starting my own business. Of course, my immediate thought was “Wait, me? Am I serious? Where is this going to go?”  The one word that was spoken to me during this time of my life was trust.

I used to think trusting God/people was just an ordinary verb. I used it very lightly and took it to mean "don't worry, just trust that things will work out" -- and that didn't carry much weight. It wasn't until I grasped the weight of what trusting God really looked like that I was able to do so wholeheartedly. To trust means to surrender fully to Him. To give up our control. For me, this has never been easy. I've always been Type A, very OCD and particular. I wanted to call the shots. That's why I would take it so hard when things didn't go my way. But when I started practicing God in the essence of surrendering, it was so freeing! I remember praying to God saying, "Ok, if this business is something I'm meant to do then I need You to show up. I need you to provide. I need You to steer this." And He truly did. Nothing has been confirmed so strongly in my life than this business and its prosperity. I look back on each hurdle I've had to jump through and I am so humbled by His provision and strengthening of my character.



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