When my faith became more defined in my life, I finally heard the whispers of God so clearly. It was the weight on my heart that He kept directly me on this new path for something I could not understand. It was knowing that His simple whisper had led to something so much bigger and something I can’t even determine how big. But what I do know, it’s a purpose so great.

I shared one of my words of connection and how God told me to connect with people within my church, start my blog and how I can add a value of connection to others. I started to mentor high school student, I started a challenge off a Netflix show, and I help run a women's ministry instagram to connect other women in faith. I had to put my creative business on a break to rebrand and figure out creative ways to create some change. It also stems down to when I quit my job, to pursue His whispers in my heart.

 Where I am now in life, is beyond a valuable blessing. It was my will to surrender all to Him and listen to His direction. Not knowing what may come next, I know everything will always fall into place. Within my own insecurities, my struggles, my days became much more clear. My doubts became confirmations. My struggles became reasons. My insecurities became confidence all defined by His whisper. His daily words that fed my soul to lean in fully and accept Him. To go forth on this journey and adding these future visions in my mind of not knowing how I would get there, but knowing it will happen. When we begin to allow ourselves to surrender to His voice, you begin to witness and experience His power.

 With my ears open to His whisper, I am now shifting new things for myself and trusting the journey of listening. Have you committed your time for Him and really listen to His voice?