25. FLOURISH | with Tricia


The spoken words of 13 different women I have connected with and the story of their spoken word from God.

These stories are to showcase the power of faith and how God whispered to them and they listened wholeheartedly in His plan.


I met Tricia through lettering. We realized we both were attending the same church and we quickly decided to meet up and talk about our testimony of faith. It was the community of those in her life and how the presence of the Holy Spirit within her, allowed her to flourish

I grew up in a strict Catholic home where I was afraid of experiencing new things and taking risks. A major risk I took was to move to the Bay Area. A part of me wanted to stay home, work at a job that I loved but dreaded. I also wanted to provide for my parents. The other part of me wanted to seek and find opportunities for me to 'flourish'. I went to apply for a job in Cupertino, and I immediately got a call back. I felt like God was telling me to take this opportunity, and since then I have been growing. Growing with my career, expanding my knowledge by going back to school, finding new passions such as calligraphy, opening up from being an introvert by making new friends, and growing in faith with the love of my life as well as with my parents. Being far from home made me realize, distance makes the heart grow fonder. 

 I truly believe that God used people to help shape me into the person I am today.  I definitely want to thank my parents for loving me as Jesus loves us, and for instilling that God loves me & will always provide for me. My mom would pray the rosary everyday and 'til this day she continues to do so. She would have me pray with her every single day after she got home from work and make me think of who to pray for so that I am not selfish. My dad would always tell me to not thank him for buying us food, but to thank God for putting food on the table for us.   My parents made me think, they showed me tough love and still loved me when I was a rebellious and disrespectful teenager. They love me, and it took me up until my early 20's to realize all the love and sacrifice they have done for me and my siblings. They taught me how to grow up by telling me what to do, but I also had to figure out life by myself and trust God. 

I also want to thank my boyfriend, Sannie, for growing in faith with me.  He is one of the reasons why I opened my heart to Christianity.  We both were born and baptized as Catholics, but he started attending a Christian church in grade school. We've been friends for about 8 years, and prior to dating he would talk about worship music which intrigued me because he was DJ-ing a lotR&B/Hip-Hop music at the time.  Around 2014 he took me to a Young Professionals life group where I heard him play acoustic guitar. That was the first time I had heard a modern Christian song, I listened and read the lyrics as he played and something stirred inside of me as if I wanted to cry. He and his friends played How He Loves. Listening to him play that song made me realize I want God to be a part of our relationship & I want to listen to more Christian music!  We've had our ups and downs with our faith as a couple years ago, but we constantly remind each other that God makes impacts, and that He has bought us together as friends and now as partners. 

When I was younger I would  always hear the Holy Spirit; but now that I am older, I feel the Holy Spirit within and around me.  I definitely feel Him with me when it comes to my field of work because my calling is, to heal. I had the opportunity to take on a job at a young age to work with the geriatric population.  I was terrified to work in this field, but I appreciate life more. I am able to see, feel and show what love is.  The testimony I am about to share was my first encounter with a patient who was on hospice. I thought that I had been the reason for her being on hospice after tending to her. I would sit & talk with her as I do with other patients. The following day I received a card from this patient's son stating, "Thank you for taking care of my mother she loved and appreciated out of a majority of the staff. You are meant for take care of others. I hope you can take care of me because I'm next!" I thought that I was just a normal worker doing my job, but since I have received that card I felt like a grew with confidence in my job & I'm continuing to do so.  I grew to love and take care of a complete stranger. I feel the Holy Spirit giving me strength and patience through long work days, and it feels so rewarding to know that the care I give makes impacts on peoples' lives.