17. WHY.

I have come across so many people where I share with them my vision in business and life. They get so inspired at what I do and I ask them the same question. It’s when the conversation lingers into other things. But it was when someone really asked me... Why? Every answer I would give they broke down deeper into my very soul that it made me cry. It was a bit shocking for someone to get so deep, but it really brought it to the core. That person, was my sister. She made me realize why I have this great desire to continue to do what I am doing now. It was her who really made me understand … my why.

I know some of you don’t know exactly what your why is. Some of you are comfortable with living day to day at the job you are at, or living the life you have… because to you it may be fulfilling,  it pays the bills and you believe it is where you need to be. As others are in my same shoes, that you have this desire, this drive and you do what you do because you love it. But have you ever questioned yourself to know why? Have you ever felt there is more to you? Are you the person who wakes up every morning, thinking there is more out of life? Why are you so driven to do something even more? Why do you do what you do now?

And if you don’t know your why…. Maybe this very post can help you determine it.


Upon the questions my sister asked me, my why resulted back to my childhood, and how I grew up. As a child, I have always yearn this role model, a leader in my life. It was something not present in my life as I grew up. This part of me felt this void for so long. When my teacher in high school invited me to this leadership camp, I admired the counselors. They inspired me so much, because I wanted to be them. I had this urge to lead but would shy away. It has been very recent when I had this desire to lead mothers/women/young girls. I came from an environment where the words of others that were said to me, became the definition of me. It literally broke me as I struggled to find confidence, acceptance and love for me. It is why I am so driven by words and positive encouragement. I felt I did not have that true influence in my life from those I was supposed to look up to. I did find part of my confidence through my years of dancing, college, meeting my husband and through supportive people. But I always knew there was something missing. I still had this void in myself. August 2016, is when I found my true confidence within God. I took this leap of faith in defining myself through God alone. He has helped me redefine relationships, my life, my business and see a vision in His eyes, that no one else can.

My why came from my past, the words that drove me to many years of insecurity. My why is to inspire and be a leader as a wife, as a mom, as a woman of faith, and to others, because I didn’t have the leader or inspiration growing up. My why is to leave a legacy for my children, and their children’s children living in honor of God and living in His word spoken to me. My why is to give hope and showcase an unconditional love to many. My why is to connect, create, and inspire as I live life wholeheartedly in Christ.

I believe we go through these stages in our lives to allow us to grow, even if it may take most of our years. It the stages of pain, voidance, struggles and our direction to the wrong place to get to the right place… more than once. Whatever you do in life, whatever you put your mind to full 150%...your why determines the inner core of who you are. Your why is you. Your why comes from your past, your desire to do something more. If you know you are not living your why, redirect yourself, redefine yourself in the eyes of God.

“If your why does not make you cry, it is not big enough.”


Watch this video below that was shared by a leader I know name, Charles Cinco.