On instagram @loveoffering her one post on this word inspired me. I also felt it was the week of how God really challenged me to trust His plan. I got uncomfortable with what I thought I was supposed to do, but He redirected me to something else. When you look at this word challenge, focus on it. “Take the first 3 letters and last three letters… you get change. When you face challenge you are destined to change.”Said by Josefina Sanders of @loveroffering shared this, is an artist “speaking love through handwritten treasures.” That soaked it so deeply to me, because it is beautifully said. My challenge was redirecting my journey for something that was a complete 360 for me.

God was telling me to join in on my sisters business. I was so skeptical. He closed so many doors for the opportunity to see hers. Do you realize the plans that we think we are meant to go on… are never His plan? I thought where I was supposed to go was to focus on my business, do more calligraphy, start this and that and open my online shop. I still allow time for my projects here and there but it was these spoken words of His that I was battling with.  “How can you help?”

For almost a year I challenged with my own self to not really believe in her business, something I felt “wasn’t my forte”…. “It’s not what I want to do.”… “This is not my passion.” Do you see those words? Do you see my similarities of these sentences? It was all about me.

I was being selfish. The challenge He has given me was to stop thinking about me, and do something even more for others. I had to allow myself to step out and begin to go through a process that I was uncomfortable to do.

When we view our life in the lenses of God, He is never selfish. He surrendered His life for all of us, so we can live an eternal life. If this journey is for me to sacrifice part of my own business to venture on this new chapter, then I must trust that this path is His plan.

The challenge I gave myself with the direction of God is to soak in everything I need to learn in this new company. Their spirit, the idea that they focus on faith, family, finance, fitness and fun; showcases a driven culture of pure values. When have you ever worked for a company that allows you to open your eyes of valuable meaning? When have you ever felt in your life that as an employee you are challenged by your mentors, peers to grow for the better?

Challenge yourself. You will never see how much growth you will encounter, if you are waking up everyday wishing for something greater. I challenge you to do something different. I challenge you to trust God even if the direction is something that scares you. As I end it here, I am realizing wholeheartedly how much this journey is going to challenge me and allow me to grow into something He is preparing me to be.


Ask yourself, when was the last time I really challenged myself?