This word has been spoken to me for quite some time now. It’s something I feel would be my 2017 word. It’s where I really got to connect myself with God in defining this real relationship with Him and relationship with others of faith, passion, and stories. Lately, I have been on this path of discovering people and learning their stories. I feel like your past and how you grew up makes up a lot of who you are and why you are the way you are now. I talk a lot about how struggles and challenges can break or build you. 

I wanted to find a connect within myself in figuring out this journey with what I am set to do. I put in my two weeks at my last job… yes, do you remember my whole blog of “jump?” Well, I did it. I jumped. I had no other jobs lined up and just completely did it because I felt it was right. I had this regret if this is the right thing to do. I feared that financially we won't make it. But I let God take the wheel and within days of my notice; he has given me numerous connections with people that I have jobs lined up and these connections make me realize how truly it means to live an abundant life.

My connection with others are based off their simple story; learning exactly who they are, where they came from, and how they got to where they are at now. It’s these certain individuals who have used their struggles of life to be better individuals. I met this guy name Alex, who is a security guard at the hotel I am currently still at. He shared with me exactly how he got there but has this absolute dream to be a tattoo artist. He showed me his work of art and to me he has a talent and gift of his own. It’s where we would spend nights talking about how he never really got to fully live in his dream because he was too busy taking care of others. I am so connected to my passion that when I see someone not living theirs I want to reach out, I want to know how I can help. I started to give away all my art items that I haven’t used in so long and finding opportunities in showing his artwork. It’s our connection as artists and showing we can live life doing what we passionately are so driven by.

Syzette, a woman at church who volunteers her time for South Bay Church’s Breathe which is a blog of connecting women through faith and friendship. We shared our future ideas and how we strongly want to empower women. She shared with me a new book to read and that was called Without Rival by Lisa Bevere. She shared how this book is about how we women can sometimes compete and compare. It is her passion, to empower women and be more in a community of having these opportunities to uplift each other than bring each other down. I felt God had let me connect with her for the reason of allowing us to start something amazing. We spent hours connecting with each other and I have gladly joined helping with Breathe for their social media and finding ways to use my gift to inspire and help other women connect on this level of faith and friendship.

Tricia, another calligrapher of faith. I started following her because she is a talented letterer. We were just instagram friends and when we would follow and comment on each others page, we noticed that we both attended the same church. It was then for the last two months we were trying to get together to share our journey and just truly knowing our stories. It was last night April 4th, when we took time out of schedule to talk about our journey of faith, life and lettering. I shared with her my future journey for my business, my struggles, my fears and just everything in my life. It was also knowing how she came from a life of depression, pain and insecurities that allowed her to finally find peace within herself because of her connection and relationship with God. It inspired me more to want to continue what we have, especially since we both find calligraphy/lettering as therapeutic and peaceful and a gift God has given us to connect on this kind of level.

I have struggled in finding relationships with people since I have been a mom and since after high school I lost touch with a few girls I used to hang with. It was then I let myself fall into this bubble of excuses...of insecurities... that I didn’t want to connect or make friendships with others, because of judgement of my past and the stories that others "heard". I truly thank God for allowing me to find this specific word and how it has allowed me to work at it in the most blessed way. A way of having true relationships with meaning. Whether it was only these three stories, there are more individuals who I connected deeply with. My BFF, a woman of talent and our project for spreading awareness. My mentees, who inspire me to connect with them on a level of passion, faith and creativity. And helping them define their careers. My new coworkers, who I see the true meaning of support from a team. The relationships at church and connecting with others and seeing how passionately they enjoy serving. My children, who allow me to see this life of imagination, learning and exploring. My other mothers, who I seem to always want to connect and share our challenges and greatest moments of motherhood. My creative friends through Rising Tide Society, have inspired me to live in community over competition. Everyone in my life that God continues to let me connect with in different areas of my life, that I continue to live this abundant life in His name.


Take time out of your schedule to connect with 3 people who you have lost touch with or finding new connections with others. Maybe, if you are in the Bay Area of California, let’s chat over coffee. If not, I am open to do a facetime, a written letter of your journey or anything for me to know your story and how we can find a true connection together. Let’s start now!