My body started to shake, my hands trembled, and my heart racing with excitement. It was God speaking to me to try something amazing. He told me “Start this, using your gifts I have given you.”

I mean His words were so clear and I had the urge to jump on my computer and create my 1st giveaway and challenge. My guidelines may have scared a few people and I was told it may be “too hard”.

Upon submitting my idea, it did not get enough participants, like I thought it would. None. At. All. I felt so discouraged that I wasn’t reaching out to anyone! I kept thinking that this challenge pretty much sucked. How can other challenges be so easy for others but this one, just wasn't getting anyone. My giveaway was for reaching 2K followers and I had thought my followers would want to do something like that. But nope... lol.... A day after God telling me to do this challenge, I wanted to delete it the next day! Seriously. Why wasn’t it reaching out to anyone? Why was I putting in so much effort and no one was participating?

Here comes the doubt again… but then, two friends from my church loved the idea and started it. My husband as well. I had a total of 3 participants, yay! I mean it’s not that much, but it sure is something right? I began to tell myself to forget trying to reach out and put in all this effort in reaching out to others for something that they may not be interested in... It's not about my followers... its about the meaning behind it... It was the effort with God and for God. It was spoken to God to do it. So I did it. It was His words "start this using the gifts I have given you."

The whole idea behind my challenge, is to step out of the norm and send handmade cards to people. It was inspired by the show 13 Reasons Why, which actually had a challenge of recording videos to people who have hurt you in any way. I thought it brought a negative vibe that it shouldn’t have. So, upon Gods strong will and grace, he said change this challenge. Create something positive, creative that you can reach out to people you don’t know, love, care for or haven’t even heard from for so long.  It’s a challenge to make a difference in someone’s day and be the sons and daughters of God through kindness.

When we begin to allow God to move in our lives fully, we will begin to see how clearly everything may be. Even if we may be confused, we know in peace that the plan of God is for a reason. We must get through it, accept it and trust it.  I have no idea what tomorrow
holds, but what I do know is that God is taking me every step of the way to trust and understand that I will be paid in all His blessings soon.

Let your life be paid in riches of kindness, Gods love, His spoken words to you that when you are living in Gods blessings, you know you put in all the effort to get there. "Faith is so powerful when we allow our efforts and Gods power to collide."

Join in on my challenge! Check my instagram, you have a chance to win a prize! 

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