This weekend was a weekend to remember forever. I had the opportunity to attend the 1st inaugural Girlboss Rally hosted by Sophia Amoruso and the Girlboss team: Tori, Deena, Lindsey, Alison, CC and Taylor. I attended this rally with Valerie aka “Rie”, who is someone I met in college. She is a graphic designer and we both have a passion in art, design, lettering, and calligraphy. I wanted to walk the grounds with someone who had the same interest and motivation as I do. Also, because the fact that she is my best friend. A little story of how we met, is something I love sharing, because we met on a bus. Like those love stories you hear couples meeting “at the bus stop”. That is our story as once strangers to best friends. We are pretty opposite but still share some similarities. She is an introvert and I am borderline Intro but extrovert, but when we’re together… I am the type to walk up and talk to people if I feel a great vibe. I remember like it was yesterday, I decided to take a different route home that day and saw her. She looked lonely (lol), so I just walked straight to her, “Hey can I sit here? You look familiar, I feel like I’ve seen you before.” It was Halloween so I was in costume and she smiles with her cute ass dimples, “Yeah, I think through Akbayan (Filipino club at SJSU)....but wait are you a pussy cat doll?” (Yes I was, in excitement I squealed cause she got it right!)

That was the beginning of our friendship. We may be the opposite but what we hold together as friends, is something special. I feel our love in faith & God, keeps us grounded. She is gentle, caring, artistic, and creative. She tends to question her talent, but to me, she is SO talented and amazing. I love her deeply because she carries so much more. She can be a complex person, but I feel like it’s her desire of standing true to her feelings and instincts, that she can be a voice of what doesn’t feel right to her. She has this balance of a genuine individual while also standing true to herself. It’s moments and experiences with her when I realize I have this amazing best friend, that I get to create memories with... of being inspired, influenced and grateful. It’s also moments when I realize it’s a divine appointment that led me to meet her on a bus.

One may call it a “reason”, “coincidence”, or “fate”... but to me it’s been more about a divine appointment. Which means, a ‘meeting’ that is God led. Whether it is a chaos, struggle, challenge to amazing, great and beautiful moment in our lives...He creates these “appointments”, to showcase that He is there for us and has this divine plan to only show us that there is more. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11).  

Being able to be part of this event with Rie, us being one of the 1st 500 women for the Girlboss Rally, made me so grateful that He wanted us to be inspired, to connect and to create a memory that will always be a part of us. The opportunity was amazing and I share with you more these 'divine appointments' that I witnessed during this weekend. Upon preparing for the day, we sat near this woman with a cute fur coat and we talked a bit about what we did and she asked, “What do you want to take out of this event? Why are you here?” It definitely got me thinking but I knew my answer right away. “I want to take from this event being inspired, influenced and finding a connection with other women in this very room. To be able to hear their story of where they came from, how they got here and what they are doing.” I had thought I would find a lot of creative bosses, but there were so many women who were sales, marketing, public relations, lawyers, bloggers, etc. Each women had their own unique style, which was also inspiring because a LOT of these women were very stylish. I met this young girl name Cammie, who was in line for the book signing with Sophia. She had mentioned how she was in school but wanted to pursue her career in Fashion. The amount of passion she talked about being in that industry, inspired me to share a little bit of what I did. Since, my background had been in fashion, I knew it was an appointment to reach out and help her in the near future even though she may be in another state. Just the thought to know I can one day collab with her to pursue what is a dream to her, to help her live it.  

Another great person I met was Dominique. I had to skip one of my sessions to get a bite to eat and kind of rest from my long day of speakers. As Val and I were walking, we noticed Dominique a bit lost, we asked her what she was looking for and sure enough it was FOOD too! We got to chat a bit but it was when we sat down waiting for our food, where we really connected. I told her my story and vision for my business and how this year was really my break in connecting with people and using my three projects in establishing my business. She then shared how she didn’t really like what she was working in now, but was inspired to start a non profit for refugees. The way she explained her desire for her plan, was so inspiring. Valerie and I also talked with two other girls, Natasha & Ecy, who are nurses and wanted to develop an app toward the medical field. It made me realize, that not everyone here at the rally was a “boss” or head of a “company”, but they had the desire to be one and make something of themselves. All the other women I had met, I believed were there to feel motivation, determination and be influence that they knew they wanted something more for themselves. It was beautiful hearing many stories and being able to feel connected somehow.

I also overheard a story of a woman during our session, who spoke out sharing her story about being a mother and had an emotional breakdown how she just couldn’t feel or know what she wanted to do in life. I wanted to turn around and talk to her and share my story but she had left before I even got the chance after our session. I simply fell for her story because I was in that position before. I even got the chance to talk to Sophia and tell her how inspired I was to be part of the movement she started. That it inspired me to want to be a speaker to mothers to share my story and use my design and calligraphy to create an impact that is long term. 

It was the last session of our day ending in cocktail hour! Val and I were drinking amazing whiskey chatting about our day and experiences. That is where two random girls sat with us and we all started to spark a quick conversation. A few whiskey into our convo, it became even more fun! lol! Kelly shouts excitedly “Okay, if we were to come back next year and meet at this very spot again. Tell me now where you will be!” Going around the table we all stated what we were going to be by next year. It was the last moment with Kelly and Rachel that was a great ending to our night. It recap to every detail and knowing that every story I heard, every connection I made, that every moment is planned if we trust God to work through it. If you are reading, and don’t understand the meaning of my full trust in faith, it’s okay. Maybe it’s your fate, your coincidence and that life has its reasons. But whatever it is, life has foreshadows, life has seeds that develop us to be better. For me, if I didn’t decide to be a stay at home mom, my life would not be where it is now, also if I didn’t trust God. I believe He planted each seed whether great or bad to create these divine appointments, for me to understand clearly that there is a reason to it all and that is trusting in His plan.  


What have been your divine appointments in your life? Has there been something that you were like, wow, I can't believe I am living in this moment...


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