Oh, February! One of my favorite months of the year not only because of groundhog day, valentine’s day, galentine’s day, president’s day, start of mardi gras but for MY BIRTHDAY! (2/10, if you’re wondering)

My theme for this month of words are based off of LOVE, I mean why not? February is known to be the month filled with lots of chocolates, roses, stuffed animals, pinks, reds and exchange of cards. But what I am really sharing this month is all those different types of love we share.

“I have found the one whom my soul loves” (Song of Solomon 3:4). That is my husband, Brian. It was this week where we have bonded more than anything since this year started. He wrote me a letter, surprising me before I drove to work. He wrote how he needed me to get through his grieving and how he appreciated the things that I have done. All that mushy gushy cute stuff any woman loves to hear, he said it all!

My husband is amazing; and I am not only saying this because he is mine, but genuinely he is an amazing person. That even if he wasn't my husband and I met him randomly; he would be the person to make you smile. He would be the person to strike a conversation and fill your heart with joy. His whole being is contagious and he is just so charming.

From knowing his past to who he has grown to be as a person, I am blessed I get to be his forever. We are always caught talking about our past and it’s a never ending boredom. We laugh at our repeated memories, how we met, our first kiss, the proposal, the birth of our children and just everything that God allowed us to witness together. He is an amazing father to our children, that they are half of him...that the love I have for them is just the same and more. When I am able to witness them playing, him holding my daughter, pretend fighting with my son, my heart fills with so much joy. That falling in love once isn't ideal; because every great moment with him....I fall in love over and over and over, again.

Our rings are based on “God is our Love”, which is also engraved inside Brian’s ring. He grew upon finding faith at the time we met and I had God in my life. But he was my inspiration to truly be the word of God and not just read the word of God. My particular wedding band, is an infinity ring that explained by our jeweler “a union of love so strong that no matter what comes between the two lovers, the love will never cease to exist or break”. The representation of our rings and what they are, is just a symbol of our love. It’s beyond just our rings that matters; it’s about knowing we can stand through pain, trials and challenges for each other and not against. It’s about God’s love that lives in our souls to every detail, time, prayer and spiritual being we create as a couple.

I personally share with you my vows to my husband and how it is my meaning of us:

Our Wedding Day: 8/23/2013

Love; the endless possibilities, wondering who, what, when, where, why and how it becomes.
Asking questions of:
Who will I love? Who is that one guy I can’t live without?
What will we do for each other? What memories are we going to create?
When will this love come? When is it the right time?
Where would we go together? Where will love take us?
The love we encounter and our feelings, why us?
And how have we’ve become to love each other?
For I know we walk by faith and never by sight. Our love stands between God alone. We walk side by side, never in front nor behind one another.
My promise to laugh with you at every given moment. Hold you in times of happiness and sorrow. Always give you faith and inspiration, to keep our love strong.
You are who I love, whom God I seek has given you directly to me.
You are what I love, my blessings, my depth and my best friend.
You are when I love, when God placed you in my life at the right time.
You are where I love, because I would go anywhere with you. Where my heartbeats, it beats exactly with yours.
You are exactly why I love, because the eyes I seek are God’s eyes, that continue to protect, provide and love me unconditionally.
You are how we love, because the kind of love we have is uniquely ours. It’s our faith in God that keeps us striving for more.
For all these things of who, what, when, where, why and how I love...are defined by you. God is Our Love.
I love you Brian and you will forever be my first and my last.

Now, that we are almost four years into our marriage, there is more I would love to add to renew our vows. It may be so little of years to others; but for us we grow everyday with the one we love. Our love has grown so much with our children and everything since then that we had to face together.

Thank you babe, for always being you.

Do you have a special someone that allows you to fall in love more than once? Someone who just understands and knows you? Someone you would go wherever with? Someone you want to be with forever?

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