Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not only on your own understanding.”

The past three weeks, I was planning a wedding. My sister in law’s wedding to be exact, it was somewhat stressful but successful even with the shortness of planning we did. The lateness of my post was because I stepped away from social media to really focus on her event to unplug and express myself in a creative matter. It truly made me appreciate the talents and skills God has given me to live in my purpose for life. I feel truly blessed that I can have these connections doing what I love.

Just the beginning of this year, I took a break from my side business. For the last three years, I started this side hustle of a decor business called Creaelle Designs. At the time then, I just had my son and it was when he was six months when I felt a part of me was not living in my true identity. I suffered through post-partum where I didn’t feel like myself, I thought I wasn’t helping as a mom but I truly was. I felt lost as a person because I wasn’t living in my career. Being a fresh undergraduate, I couldn’t carry on to live or find my true career because I quickly became a mom. That is where Creaelle Designs developed during a time where I knew I was set out to run my own business. But what I didn’t realize was that it would fail in the three years of running it. Yes, I felt I completely failed and most people won’t think… but I truly did. I didn’t plan before hand and rushed into it so fast. I thought I wanted to be a wedding planner, wedding coordinator, decorator, catering manager… etc. But I was not passionately living my purpose. I didn’t even know what I wanted out of Creaelle Designs, because I was playing and planning as time went by. And with a business, YOU. ALWAYS. NEED. A. PLAN. AND. PURPOSE. I didn’t feel authentic in what I was producing. I wanted to make more of an impact on others, than working an event that had many months of preparation but had a one day memory. I liked what I did, but I did not love it fully because I was always dissatisfied. I made great clientele and referrals and would go above and beyond, because I wanted to make sure they were satisfied first. I worked around their budget and rarely made a profit because I customized everything. Every project was small and I loved doing it, but I knew there was something even more waiting for me.

As I mentioned before, finding a reconnection with God in July 2016 helped me find my true meaning to my business. I was relying on my own understanding and rushing things to make sure I had to get there. It was April 2016, when I booked my last wedding and told myself “This is it. I will take a break and find my true purpose to what ‘Creaelle Designs’ will be in your hands, Lord”.

I was not happy.

I failed as a business owner.

I didn’t do it the right way.

I didn’t have a mission.

I didn’t have a purpose.

I needed to make a change.

2017 was my year to explore my own creative outlets, rebrand my business and be closer to God and trusting Him to get me to wherever His plan was, no matter how long it would take. Trusting in Him has been the best decisions ever, because since then He has opened more doors of opportunities for me than I have ever had since I started my business. It was His trust that allowed me to find my purpose.

My purpose is to create a change, an awareness and connection to others through my story of art, design and calligraphy. I have set out a few projects in mind this year that I plan to launch in 2018 and a couple this year. This blog was one of my projects, it was to gain a connection by sharing my story and relating words to it. It was also tying in my new found love as a calligrapher/hand-letterer to showcase my journey on this beauty of art lettering. I am only on week 7 but the amount of reflection for my blog has brought out a new perspective to my life. I don’t want to get into full details because I share this on my introduction page. But let me share with what “crea’elle” means, I am sure it means something in another language but to me it is “create” and “cherelle”. I have always been the creative type and by connecting that word to my name, it explained me fully. While rebranding, I was spoken to use “create” to focus on my projects and rebranding my business.

Create a change… I decided to mentor two high school students at my old highschool, to create a change in their lives of mentoring them to find their true purpose to a career after graduation. It is quite hard juggling being a mom, working overnight and having to schedule time to see them as often as I want to. It’s only been 2 months into the program and I have been trying to still figure out our schedules. I want to create this change and hopefully carry on being a great impact on their lives for a lifetime.

Create an awareness… I am currently partnering with my best friend where we will be creating something (can’t share just yet) through our love of art, design and calligraphy to spread an awareness to mental health. It stands true to the both of us, because she suffers through depression and I suffered through post partum. We felt we wanted to reach out to those with this “special creation”. It’s to spread awareness and notify those who do suffer through any mental health that there are natural ways to balance life by knowing you are not alone, finding your true self love and connections with others.

Create a connection… Since finding my reconnection with God, he has spoken this word to me way often than usual. It was when I would catch myself saying this word so often, I knew that it was what He wanted me to do. I reconnected with faith. I connected myself to a community of creative individuals. I connected myself to seeing life again. I would connect with others and ask to hear their story. I feel like when you get to know someone and ask their why to what they do, you figure out that there is more to them. I was a mom for about three years where I lost relationships and connection with people because my life consisted of being a mom and fully caring to my kids… they were my best friends and my husband. It was knowing that I lost my connection to the world outside of me that I did lose a bit of self confidence... that having to reconnect with others my age, I was scared. I feared it deeply but God kept whispering me to connect. My journey as a mom is amazing, but what I like to share with other moms you sometimes can lose yourself because you are so wrapped up in caring for you child and have the instinct to do so. It may be only 3 years where I felt this way but I know there are people who go years caring for their children that they still don’t know exactly what they want. My husband, is one of the main reasons he has allowed me to live in my dream because we are full supporters in doing what you love and working at it with our whole heart, while also having the understanding of being a family and parent.

This blog is also something that I hope will allow you or someone out there to find a connection to my word and story. It was realizing what I did then when I started Creaelle Designs, there was no real connection. The place I am at now, I feel more connected with myself and spiritually with God. It has allowed me to live this purpose in creating items that connect deeply to people in the most authentic way. I am preparing my online shop, but there is no rush to it. Each day I feel I gain closer to my launch date but I am not ready yet.  I have items that I want to showcase and share with the world right now, but I learned from my previous mistake in a business to take the time I need. This preparation of my shop is making sure every detail is to its exact point. I want it to be able to touch many hearts but it’s trusting Him with my full heart too, to know I will get there and wait for His whisper...you are ready.

I am so grateful for the talents and purpose He spoke to me and I can’t wait for that day when I can present my next project. Please be patient, as sometimes I can’t be, but with humility and trust it will happen. There is no longer a “creaelle designs”... because CREA+ELLE spoke truly to my new brand. The + represents the cross of faith and His connection is in the middle of me, my business and the purpose to living life when I trust Him.

Life is about self discovery and finding your true purpose whether through faith or not. It is knowing you are amazing as you are. You have been placed on this very Earth to showcase your talent, gift or voice that no one will ever posses. Yes, they can copy but no one knows what you are going to do next. Don’t compare to others blessings and live in finding your own. You are uniquely created to find your talent when you just find trust; that whatever your gift is, no one can do it quite like you. Now, go discover it!

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