I think my biggest fast was fasting from social media and my phone. It has opened my eyes to how this world of technology can be really distracting.

My spoken word piece I created on Day 4 of my fasting:


This.... a device that is hand held

Holding every single information of my life.. that becomes my life. 

This device, scrolls of photos never printed. 

Apps upon apps as our eyes are glue to the screens that 1, 2, 3, 4, hours have passed. What am I still doing? Looking at this device.

I heard from someone "If I were ever stranded in this world, I have no idea what I would do without my phone. My phone is everything." 

This word.... everything.

Everything? Is it really? Don't get me wrong my phone and I have this relationship that if I were to travel somewhere it will get my to my destination. Because I still after 7+ years of living here, still don't know where I am going. It allows me to connect with family members that I don't see often. It allows me to see and follow on the world. I am able to spread what I do. It keeps me busy that I can go on and on watching stories upon stories. 

But my eyes have been trying to figure out what this world really means. My eyes have been glued for too many hours on this screen... to make sure I post on this day, to make sure that I comment to this person. To make sure that I.... have to win this giveaway. 

lt became about my followers.. it became about following the prettiest pages.. it became watching stories upon stories wondering about their lives. But not about what really matters.... "Oh wait, someone is LIVE, I have to watch." You see our phones are so multi-purposeful that we can text, watch Netflix, get the latest updates. Although driving we see signs you know the "don't text and drive"... yet you know you do it. Cause I admittedly do it too. Praise God I am alive. 

You see, it became most of my life, that I probably did realize, but ignored the comments.

"You are on your phone too much."

"Can you get off your phone?"

Talking to someone, "Yes I am listening" yet I am texting...

This device. This thing that I hold is not everything. Let me set down my phone, you set down yours. And listen. Turn off the live, turn off the record button.

Listen to this silence. Listen to the breath you breathe, as this was given to you. 

Listen to the words I say to you. Don't let this device be YOUR life. When you are in conversation, dinner, or driving. Set it down. It can wait. 

See, see what is around you. You don't have to capture whats on this screen but let it be captured in your heart. Let it capture in your spirit. Let it captivate your soul. 

Be, be in the moment. Be fully present with someone, because who knows if this is the last time. Life is never promised. I've witnessed too many deaths this year, that life is way too precious.

There is nothing wrong with this device, as it's been a help in things I do. Being able to spread the word of God, of His love that is so true.

Just don't, don't let it be your life.

Don't let it be your everything, because our life, our EVERYTHING is not this screen. 

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