44. HOLY SPIRIT | with Lily Chandra


This is the extended series of spoken words shared by women around the world, who have been selected or interested in sharing their stories and word from God. It's to showcase the power of faith and how God manifested their lives in the most powerful and loving way.


I know Lily through my sister and through our side businesses. Most especially through our church. She has this calmness to her soul and gentleness of God. Her spirit is always on fire that the spirit speaks through her so strongly. I remember one day she whispered to me, "Don't ever give up on God, you will be able to know and hear Him and feel the Holy Spirit." This spoke to me and gave me goosebumps because I at the time was wanting to pray better, hear God more, and have been obsessed in knowing Him. From that moment, I have grown then. If it wasn't for her openness of her spirit to tell me, I don't think my eyes would have opened to God more. She is a wife and mother and does a lot to get closer and more intimate with God. I love her and the spirit she has, to thrive with God alone. Here is her spoken word on the Holy Spirit.

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Thank you, Holy Spirit!

A couple years ago, by God’s Grace, I completely surrendered myself to God. Being a Christian with a young faith, I would describe my walk with God was like a little toddler who just started learning how to walk. I was excited, but my walk was very wobbly because I didn't really know how nor what I needed to do to build a relationship with God. 

I am so blessed and happy to say that I am at a much better place with the Lord now. Looking back, my relationship with God would be impossible if it wasn't empowered by the help of the precious gift of Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit is the greatest gift I have ever received during my walk with God. It's my privilege and honor that God opened up the door for me to discover and get to know who Holy Spirit truly is. Before I even realized who Holy Spirit was back then, He has been helping me in every area of my Christian life right from the beginning. He has been the one who lead me to have an intimate relationship with God.

Since I surrendered up to these days, Holy Spirit never stop helping me,

He teaches me to pray with God's heart

He shows me how to worship so I can connect my heart to our Heavenly Father

He helped to forgive so I could be free

He shows me to see things through His eyes

He guides me how to be more like Jesus and focus on what matter most

He councils me when I am looking for an answer

He comforts me when life is hard

He is my friend and my go to person

He intercedes for me so my prayers will be answered

He strengthen my faith and lead me to believe in God's perfect plan and God's perfect timing so I am convinced that nothing happens in our daily life is a coincidence

He guides me how to live and walk in Spirit and shows me the power that comes with it. The miraculous power that is beyond my natural mind could ever comprehend; the power to live, love and fight from a victorious place

We glorify Jesus together intimately


I can't imagine how to walk a true Christian life without the help of Holy Spirit. I know I barely scratch the surface and...


I long to know you more, my Holy!

I am so hungry and thirsty for your fellowship!

Please always keep me with you, never stop showing and guiding me!

Let me have the passionate relationship you always long to have with me!

Let me always dwells in your love and stays intimate with you!

Bring me to a greater depth and truth!

I want to run with you!

Lead me from glory to glory!

Only through you, my faith is strengthen.

Only with your fellowship I can have a pure relationship with my Lord!

I appreciate you with an overflowing joy, thankfulness, and gratefulness! 


Lord, thank you for your son, Jesus Christ who sits in a throne next to You in heaven and thank you for leaving us the precious gift of Holy Spirit to stays with us in this world so we can have a relationship with You and come back home to You!


I love You, my Trinity!


The word I would choose for this session is simply "Thank You, my Holy Spirit!"

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