It’s almost certain that these days with God, He’s telling me to Be Still. For the past few months, I’ve overwhelmed myself with a schedule of spreading myself way too thin. It’s where I felt I could do it all and couldn’t say no. But as I began to realize that the things I thought I can do, God can actually do more better than me. It’s hearing @pastorandywood message about this topic. It brought me to tears when I was frustrated before service and at that moment God was really speaking to me. There are things in life I can do only to an extent and allowing to trust Him to do the rest. It’s allowing this trust for God to show His power. It’s being able to know that He replaces our I can with His can. We’re humans and only have the ability to do so much but with the grace of God He exceeds that. I’ve witness greatness in His word, in prayer and just being still and knowing He is our God. Psalm 46:10

Be Still Magazine Issue 1 of  Daily Grace Co.  (Company equipping women in the word)

Be Still Magazine Issue 1 of Daily Grace Co. (Company equipping women in the word)

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