It has been awhile since I wrote. I also did not have any features to my WOMEN+WORDS but that's okay. God has been sending me visions and these personal promises, that I have to share with you about. Did you know I started a spoken word life group within in my church? It is so amazing how God works, because He planned it so perfectly. This group was spoken to me back to December 2016, after I got baptized. As you should know, I was in my new stages as a Christian woman. At the time then, He made it so clear I wasn't ready to lead. It was so hard to trust Him and I was pretty impatient to His plan and wanted to start things right away. But I honestly was so obsessed with seeing His power, I had to just let Him work and trust in Him. As I reflect back, He was definitely teaching me to be patient in His plans, that I had to be willing to be still and know that He is God. 

When my first vision that I wanted to happen, did not follow through, I knew God was leading me to it. As I continued for my love of hand lettering, I was approached by a friend during the summer of 2017,  to co lead with her. It was my first life group, called "Journey to Change". At the surface of things, I was pretty nervous and hesitate to do it, but deep down and in the core of my spirit, I knew this is what God wanted me to do. It was a study on 21 different people in the bible and showcasing their relationship with God. The co leader and I wanted to add a creative element to this group and that is where I had the opportunity to teach Brush Lettering. These women were my first group of girls to teach what I was very passionate about.  They were all so patient, supportive, and enthusiastic about learning. As nervous as I was,  It was so inspiring that I knew I was taking these steps in Gods plan to be the leader He had planned for me back in December. It was a vision then that I did not understand, that I was so completely afraid to do, that I was so impatient with but following His lead, brought me to so many opportunities now. 

During the time as our summer life group was ending. I was invited by one of my friend, Rochelle, (read her feature here) to attend her Open Mic event. I remembered back in the day how Open Mics were my thing and I quickly made plans to go see her. After my first attendance with Bdubz Open Mic; my spirit was even more inspired. God was tugging at my heart to start a life group on spoken word and gathering creatives in a one night event, to showcase their talents, aka Open Mic within our church.  Again, another vision, I was like "uhh God, I love what you are sending me, but really. I was just getting into this hand lettering group..." As sad as I was in not continuing this group, I knew He had this in plan for me eventually but it wasn't just yet. He showed me something more, but I had to put this group on pause for this next step.... 

I was so anxious, I had 12 members in my group but I had no teaching material. I literally was going to just meet with my members, write poems, and see where God would take us. (ha!) But God really tested me. (Psalm 139:23) He knew my heart, He knew my thoughts, but continued to use me in ways that really tested my talents and skills. A week before meeting my group, I literally sat in a corner and prayed, "God as much as I don't know what I am doing in leading this group, please send me material. Allow me to use the gifts you have given me to create an inspiring group that will allow others to grow closer to you". Within minutes, my little fingers decided to go on YouTube and something told me to write "spoken word christian artist". The first video that caught my attention was "Speak Lord" by Hosanna Poetry. I began to cry, because God's affirmation was so fervent. He answered my prayers and upon watching countless videos of Hosanna, I decided to develop my whole life group upon three poems of hers. I crafted these studies for my members to gain an understanding that it's important for us to feed our audience with words of truth and tying our stories to the words in the bible. To use prayer, scripture, our stories and our spirits to fully be engaged in our pieces. It amazed me to see how my members really took into consideration to what I shared in our workshops and take home studies. With the help of my other leader, Kevin, we had two successful open mics. 

Also, I took on a part time job where the owner of this shop, gave me the platform to provide workshops to the general public. That I now host hand lettering workshops to others, I had already two successful workshops, that upon the months of God equipping me, He has given more opportunities for me to teach others, in an inspiring way. For instance, instead of just teaching those who sign up for my workshops and leaving them with just hand lettering. I apply a theme, a special activity to take home with them. I based my hand lettering to really showcase the power of penmanship. For my first workshop, I focused on women empowerment and sending them with a power of a note to themselves and to someone else. My second, I made it as a tea theme, but allowed them to seek a word to write on their Christmas ornaments and think of someone to give it to or create these ornaments with some meaning for the new season. It was so much fun and these women were so amazing to work with. 

God is even so great, He planned to have Hosanna come to the Bay Area to perform at Venture Church on November 18, 2017. I quickly made plans to see her because I had to rave about everything I was doing. I got to see her perform and meet her. From everything I shared above and more, I was able to tell her how much of an inspiration she has been in my group. I gave her a gift of my study materials made into a book. A book of everything I prepared for a week before my group started. Sharing all the poems my members wrote and exactly how I was leading them through her pieces. Meeting Hosanna and talking to her was a true blessing, she was so kind and encouraged me to keep doing what I am doing. She has given me the confidence I needed, with the lack of confidence I had. Not only that, but God really used her for me, as He gave me another vision during her performance that it brought me to tears. He shared with me, that I will one day, be leading with words just like her. As I am still in my humble beginnings of Gods plan, He has blessed me with so much, that sometimes I feel I don't deserve this. But He loves us so much, that all He wants for us to do is to seek Him everyday. And to know He sent his only son, to die for our sins. That in itself, is so deserving, it's a promise of His divine love that so amazing, that words can't even express this feeling. It's the relationship with Him, that inspires me to know Him more and to live this God will life. I know if I continue to trust, seek, be obedient and take actions in His spoken words, my life upon His promises surpasses everything. God does speak to us personally and he creates promises for us to only give us a life of prosperity, hope, and a future with meaning. But its knowing and seeking after it, to understand this purposeful life He has given us, as I have witnessed in this year. (Jeremiah 29:11-13) 



When was the last time you really seek God?

How has He shown you personal promises in your life?

Have you taken the right steps in faith of these promises?

Share with me a promise or vision that God has placed in your life. That you are currently living in this blessing and how He has shown you His power and love. 


God, I pray for those that have witnessed the promises you have given them. I pray that those who don't know, soften their hearts to allow time for you. I pray for anyone reading this, that we continue to understand your love and wisdom. That we seek you wholeheartedly and create a life with purpose. Let their hearts connect to yours. Let their ears be open to hear you and let their eyes see what you see. I thank you for everything you have done and what you continue to do in the lives of those reading this. You are amazing and I pray all these things in Jesus name. Amen. 

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