45. UNSHAKEN | with Karly Perry


This is the extended series of spoken words shared by women around the world, who have been selected or interested in sharing their stories and word from God. It's to showcase the power of faith and how God manifested their lives in the most powerful and loving way.

Karly is another amazing woman I met through my husband. He would tell me all the great conversation he would have with her during school and how empowering her dad is. Her parents gifted us this beautiful red wine that they made called the "Covenant", upon reading the label, you pour a glass and sit to really just reflect on the blessing that God has given you. It was so special to be given this gift and how this wine had so much meaning. When meeting her in person, it felt like we knew each other, like we were friends for awhile. It was her story that really captured me and brought me to tears. Karly shares her spoken word, UNSHAKEN. 


My name is Karly Perry, a 24-year-old 2nd grade teacher in San Jose, California. I was lucky enough to grow up with a variety of unique experiences that gave me a beautiful view of the world. I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, but also got the chance to live overseas in Seoul, South Korea and Kobe, Japan for 6 years. I went to college at the University of Alabama…Roll Tide! I am an intense Crimson Tide fan, I love playing basketball and hanging out with my wonderful family. I have the honor of being the oldest of four siblings, and the love for my family was the reason I moved to California prior to graduation. I am lucky enough to have the opportunity each and everyday to bring my love for football, God, and passion for helping children doing what I love each day in my classroom. 

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According to Webster, the definition of the word unshaken is, “not disturbed from a firm position or state; steadfast and unwavering.”

This is not the word I would use to describe my feelings toward my battle with cancer. In fact the word cancer used to cause me to crumble in fear. At six years old I had no idea what was in my future. After numerous surgeries, weeks in the hospital, and six months of intense chemotherapy, I was lucky enough to be a survivor, but the many incredible other children I met weren’t as lucky. This survivor’s guilt had caused me to go into a deep depression as a teenager and instead of drawing closer to the God who gave me this gift of life and living each day praising his name I chose to run far away.

Although, Our God is a loving God who chases after us as we run, Thank God he did because I really needed him when I found out my father was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer my junior year of college. I fell to the floor when my dad broke the news, but his incredible faith, confidence in God, and God’s incredible healing power, two years later he is in remission! So no, this is not the word I would have used to describe my feelings toward my battle with cancer, or to describe the feelings I used to have about my dad having to battle his cancer, but instead the word I use to describe God’s vicious, loyal, and UNSHAKEN love he has for me. He used my darkest time to show me his brightest light, His love. When I pushed him away, he ran closer and showed me He was, “not disturbed from a firm position or state; steadfast and unwavering.”, just like Webster said “When my world shakes, your love remains UNSHAKEN, so constant, so perfect, UNWAVERING.” Thank you God, for your Love.


Please listen to this beautiful message from her dad that shares about their story. 

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