39. GRACE+PERSPECTIVE | with Kayse Maass


This is the extended series of spoken words shared by women around the world who have been selected or interested in sharing their spoken stories and word from God. It's to showcase the power of faith and how God manifested their lives. 


Kayse is a PhD, engineer/mathematician/physicist, social justice advocate while also challenging perceptions; with the heart of God.  It was reading her simple story that sometimes God does not speak one word to us but more than one. It was the confirmation from God that was presented in her husband that gave me the fullness of the spirit. She continues to not only look out for herself but also in others and putting a light of God to those around her. This beautiful woman lives a life of grace+perspective

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Toward the end of last year, I found myself fixated on the word “grace.” It became my refrain to remind myself of the grace I have been extended and the grace God calls me to extend to others (and myself!). Without any grand intention or New Year’s resolution to be more gracious, I found the constant reminder made extending grace more natural. It lifted my spirits and the spirits of those around me. It lightened our load. So, when I heard of the idea of focusing on #OneLittleWord for 2017 in place of a New Year’s Resolution, I instantly thought “grace.”

However, the more I thought about #OneLittleWord, the more I heard God whispering “perspective.” In a world where we too often draw divisive religious, sexual, or political lines (to name only a few), I want to be intentional about understanding other people’s motivations, hurdles, worries, and aspirations. I want to step away from the “I am right and you are wrong,” the “us versus them” mentality, and step into another person’s circumstances. I want to expand my understanding of the diverse world we live in and be challenged to view things in another light. I want to meet people where they are. I want to do love as Jesus loves.

So, as I wrestled with which word to pick, I asked my hubby if he would want to join me in #OneLittleWord.


I didn’t tell him what my words were.

I didn’t give him examples.

I didn’t tell him I picked two words instead of one.

He simply replied with, “Sure, but I have two …. Grace and Perspective.”

I sat speechless as he asked what my word was.

I replied with: “Well… I have two. Grace and Perspective.”

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