1. TIME.

No matter how slow or fast time seems, it is one of the most precious things to not take for granted. My family is currently witnessing someone we love dearly, battle cancer. Even though it’s so unfortunate; it's also fortunate too. It has shown me how truly important it is to spend time with those around you.

We already know that time is precious but mentally we must  “...think only of today and not worry about tomorrow” (Zelda Fitzgerald). Sometimes, we do create excuses to put things off and tell ourselves it can wait, I’ll do it later, or it’s not worth my time. We get into our ways thinking we have all the time in the world, or we go through the struggles of hating time because it’s so slow. For me, I wish I could relive some moments. As I look back I feel like time goes by too quickly, especially watching my children grow.  I simply want it to go by slower, so they can stay little forever.

Time does have it’s own way for others; but what I am saying is that we must live in our moments today and show others how important they are. We sometimes can get in our ways of spending too much time on our phones, social media or binge watching on Netflix. We are so impatient in line at the DMV or grocery store.  That we expect time to happen faster. We are either going through a struggle or hate our jobs, that we wish time would speed up. We give ourselves too much time when there are deadlines and we procrastinate. I feel when we decide to make time for things, it shows our importance. I have learned that taking time to talk on the phone creates a better connection over text. Using less time on social media, and more time in a book or praying. Turning off the TV and living in imaginations with my kids. The silence of car rides are now for deep discussions with my husband. When I schedule dates with family or friends, I try to avoid “little” excuses to cancel. Also, just starting a conversation with someone at the grocery store just asking how their day was.

If you are someone that didn't get that time and have regrets, don't beat yourself up about it. Learn to say it's okay. Embrace and cherish the good times you did have over the bad times. We can't live in regret and run your minds on I should have or I wish I did. Just take a step back to see and understand now, that time is precious. Time is created to learn, grow and see that every moment lived, is a moment cherished. Put aside the pride, let go of the past and reflect if it’s really worth living in a way of it can wait, I’ll do it later, or it’s not worth my time. When we know that time is precious, we learn to see that it shouldn’t be taken for granted. Allow yourself to live in the moment that you have now, as you begin to show others that they have your time.

Close your eyes and reflect how have you used your time. Is there something that needs to be changed? Is there something you want to do? Don't wait, start now and do it; you still have time to live.


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