Our campaign shirts are currently launched to support and raise funds for the #13YouAreProject cards. 


I have partnered with a few artists to relaunch 13 You Are and create cards that you can send to others. To encourage you to use the power of words to build and create life to family, friends, or strangers.

Stay tune as we will be launching in 2018!

Featured story behind the birth of the 13 You Are Project

Featured Artists

  1. "You are beautifully made" By Alex of Cross and Dot
  2. "You are courageous" By Thuy Vu of Stell8r Designs 
  3. "You are born to be bold" By Selah Pena
  4. "You are beloved" By Britni of Little Things Everywhere
  5. "You are worthy of love" By Ainsley of Sweet Lovyn
  6. "You are enough" By Debbie of Bee Mine Studio
  7. "You are whole" By Joanne Shi of Wonder Doodles
  8. "You are blessed" By Elis of Elis Little Light
  9. "You are resilient" Lettering By Jessica Liao & Wreath Painted by Rona Yeh
  10. "You are brighter than the stars in the sky" By Rochelle Donato
  11. "You are loved." By Syzette of LIV Sent
  12. "You are empowering" By Me
  13. "You are on your own journey" By Valerie Redrico



This project was started after the night I finished watching 13 Reasons Why, the Netflix hype of 2017. I was spoken to God to create a challenge to write cards to people through mail or in person. You see, this was the beginning stages of my hand lettering journey, that although to me it was crappy (rookie then), it was the meaning behind these words. 

A small handful of people became a part of this challenge and it opened their eyes as well to the beauty of penmanship and that words are powerful when it's used in a positive way. 

YOU ARE showcases what I love to share in my workshops, giving my students the opportunity to seek an inner connection and confidence that the words they display upon themselves and to others, can change them in a good or bad way.

Today I am here to tell you, that:

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